About Us

The Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (Madeira-ITI) is an innovation institute as defined by the statutes of the University of Madeira (Article 48) and established as an associated independent non-profit R&D organization whose founding members are the University of Madeira, Madeira Tecnopolo S. A. and Carnegie Mellon University. Madeira-ITI is an outgrowth from the Carnegie Mellon Portugal International Partnership. M-ITI can admit other institutional or honorary associates upon decision of the general assembly of M-ITI. The role of associate is not transmissible by any legal means. Associates are members of the general assembly of M-ITI and supervise the activity of the institute through the legal participation in the legal bodies. The Madeira-ITI operates in the interdisciplinary domain of human-computer interaction encapsulating contributions from computer science, psychology and design in order to address/engage in important scientific and technological challenges that are both relevant to society and have significant economic impact.


The goals of M-ITI are to conduct research and provide graduate training in the domain of human-computer interaction, contributing to the development of the field. M-ITI also aims to support collaborations with other research and higher education institutions and companies including consulting services.